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Installing and configuring J.A.C.K. for Counter-Strike 1.6

To create a Counter-Strike 1.6 map, we need two things: first - J.A.C.K., the editor actually used to build a level; second - compilers needed to convert a J.A.C.K. project into a runnable BSP. First of all, download and install the editor. During the install process you should specify a path to hl.exe, this is a game executable, usually located in Steam, "steam/steamapps/common/half-life", to be exact. The editor is installed and almost ready to work.

Launch the editor and configure it. As soon as CS is a mod, it is necessary to specify a mod directory, it is located on the game path, "steam/steamapps/common/half-life". Select the cstrike directory. Then you have to link the compilers up. Please pay attention to the file names. Click OK, and the editor is ready to work.

Let's create a test map. In this dialog you can set parameters of the default test box level. Test room is ready, let's compile it. First, save the map source file, then enter parameters to run the game with. Click OK and save the MAP file which will be compiled. That's all, our test map is ready.

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